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Name: Takano Miyo (鷹野三四)
Notes about her name: "Takano" is a fairly common name, but it's normally written as 高野. The 鷹 "taka" means hawk. The 高 "taka" means high/tall. The 野 "no" is just a common name ending. The use of 鷹野 instead of 高野 means her last name is rare, but not unheard of. It's unusual, but not fake.
"Miyo" is a different story. This is also a name that exists, but it's never written with 三四. The 三 "mi" means three. The 四 "yo" means four. 三四 is also a name that exists, but it's pronounced "Sanshi" or "Mitsushi". But then, names like 三四子 "miyoko" also exist, so it's not something that stands out as "fake name" either.
What's the relevance? Takano Miyo isn't her birth name. Her original name was Tanashi Miyoko 田無 美代子. She changed it when she was adopted by a man named Takano Hifumi 高野 一二三. In this case, the characters for "Hifumi" are literally "one" "two" "three". She intentionally shortened her first name and changed the lettering because she wanted to. Her name being "three four" when her Grandfather is "one two three" being a symbol of how she continues carrying out his work on behalf of his legacy.
As for why she changed her last name to 鷹野 instead of 高野, this was done to give her research a sense of objectivity. Her Grandfather was a scientist and she is also a scientist, studying the exact same subject, and trying to prove his research was valid. She assumed, correctly, that if anyone realized she was related to him, they might cast doubt on her results as "unobjective". So, she changed her name to a rarer variant to throw people off the trail. Apparently it worked.
End Japanese lesson.

Age: Unspecified (early 30s)

Height: 5' 6"
Build: Healthily curvy.
Hair/Eyes: Blonde hair, brown/hazel eyes.
Notable Traits: No real physiological oddities (other than having blonde hair and brown eyes).

Takano Miyo is a normal human being and has no supernatural powers. She does have advanced knowledge of medicine, neurology, parasitology, etc. as a scientist, and other academic areas that interest her (religious/occult studies), and the ability to speak several languages. (Japanese, German, English.)

Crystal-given powers:
1. Anesthetic Touch:
Can touch one part of a person's body and numb any pain felt there immediately. Can't be used on herself. Only once a day. The effects last an hour. Affects an area as big as she can place her hands on.

2. X-ray Vision:
Can see the bone structure of biological organisms as if an x-ray had been taken of them. Does not actually emit radiation. Does not work on non-biological things. (So she couldn't poison someone with it or use it to see through walls, but could examine a broken bone or see something stuck in someone's body.) Can be activated/deactivated at will.

3. Certainty:
Ensures an event where probability is a factor will result in the result most likely to occur. Once per day. The event must somehow be affected by Takano herself.

Example 1: Takano rolls two six-sided dice. The most likely outcome is to roll a set of numbers with a sum total of 7. Using this power would force the next roll to be a 7, because that is the number with the highest probability of being rolled, even if others are possible. This power would not work if Takano was sitting back and watching someone else roll dice.

Example 2: Takano fires a gun. There's a small chance the bullet will be a dud, or the next bullet will jam the gun. Using this power would ensure the next shot would fire perfectly. (It wouldn't affect whether there's any ammo left or if she aimed correctly.) This power would not work if Takano was just watching someone else use a gun.

Example 3: Takano performs surgery on someone. There's a chance there will be complications (blood clots, cardiac arrests, etc). This power would ensure the procedure would have a normal positive outcome. (At least to the extent of her ability.) This wouldn't work if Takano was watching someone else doing it.


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[private-ish conversation between Takano and Shay]


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[Private-ish communications between Takano and Moeka]
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As for the first trial, shall we follow the advice of the Seer?
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Name: Cally
Personal Blog: [personal profile] bluecake
NPCs/Ex-Subjects Played: n/a
Other Characters at Other RPs:
Takano Miyo and Captain Fwiffo at Camp Fuck You Die.
Princess Alena at Aather.

Email: callya[at]gmail
Plurk: bluecake
IM Service(s): g-chat
IRC Nicks: Alena/Takano/Fwiffo
Timezone and Usual Activity: PST, all over the place, usually afternoons and evenings.
Preferred Method?: IRC or e-mail. Plurk is okay too, but be sure to use @bluecake so I get the message. :|b

Name: Takano Miyo
Age: Early thirties-ish.
Sex: Female
Eye/Hair Color: Light brown, blonde
Height/Weight: unspecified
Other: Takano Miyo is from a canon set in 1983! Thus she will be a little surprised by talk of events/technology beyond that time frame.

Touching: Probably not.
Sex: Probably not.
Fighting: Maybe.
Torture: Sure
Death: Sure
Squicks: Maybe... depends.
Fourth-walling: Nah.
Other: REALLY, just ping me on irc or plurk if you're worried about any one action, I'll probably agree. |D
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[Somehow, your character has found themselves in Hospital Room #123, where an older woman in a nurse's outfit does her work]

Ah, I see you've found me. Congratulations. I am the Camp's Neurosurgeon, Takano Miyo. I believe I am to be your counselor.

May I hear your introduction?

[OOC: Assume all threads are private and cannot be overheard please. |D]
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I am Cally.
I play Takano Miyo [personal profile] very_bad_end

Contact Methods: I am available on gmail/gchat under callya, on plurk under bluecake, and on IRC under either Takano, Fwiffo, or Alena. I do have AIM, but I rarely use it so if that's your preferred messenger service please contact me through something else and I'll sign on there.

Timezone and Scheduling Issues: United States & Canada PST (GMT -08:00). I generally have afternoons and evenings free except on Wednesdays, and maybe Fridays or Saturdays. Maybe.

Posting/Jumping/Thread-Dropping: No preferences! Do whatever.

Comfort Levels: If something triggers me badly I will let the other person know.
Concrit/OOC issues: I'll put a HMD post up eventually...
Goals: For Takano: Establish a good network of social contacts, get settled in as a Camp Doctor, and search for strange and interesting new phenomena.
Essays and Memes: I... write essays occasionally? Actually I went over the entire series at some point. Go through my journal and read them if you like. |D
Beta-ing: I will gladly beta, but I may be unreliable and if so I apologize in advance... I will do a much better job if I'm at all canon-familiar.
AU-ing: ?
Final Comments: Watch out for spoilers!
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Character: Takano Miyo
Series: Higurashi no Naku koro ni.
Character Age: Late-twenties to early-thirties range.
Job: Neurosurgeon
Canon: The mountain village of Hinamizawa. Secluded deep in the Japanese countryside, its peaceful exterior hides its roots as a village founded by demons who were cast out of human society. Hinamizawa's bloody history is set in dark contrast to its modern day tranquility. Tranquility that is only offset by the gruesome murders and kidnappings that occur every year that leave the police baffled and searching for clues that may or may not exist.

Among the native rural folk is a health clinic staffed by people from the city who moved to the village to ensure it had access to modern health care and medical equipment. One such person is Takano Miyo, the calm and professional nurse at the clinic. Although Takano Miyo has lived in the village as its nurse for only a relatively few years, she has established herself as a dependable young woman. Takano always has a smile for everyone, and enjoys a good chat. Especially if she manages to swing the conversation to her favorite topic:
curses. Specifically the macabre history of Hinamizawa itself. The details of how the town's founders performed torture on outsiders who dared to enter their village are facts that Takano Miyo is happy to share with those few unfamiliar with them, whether they like it or not. She also enjoys making the odd joke, which she insists is all in good fun. Even if she happens to be the only one enjoying it.

(Major spoilers hidden under the blank text.)

Takano Miyo is the mastermind behind the series of murders that occur every year in Hinamizawa. Although posing as a nurse, she is actually a neuroscientist working for a secret government agency to cultivate and study a rare brain disorder that is found only within the village. She is an obsessed woman without morals who cares only about her research. Allowing Takano Miyo to perform brain surgery on you would be unwise.

Sample Entry:

A long long time ago, in the vast cornfields of North America's Midwest, there lied a small farming town. The people were industrious in everything they did, and yet they could not sustain themselves by their own means. Appeals to the heavens went unanswered. Eventually they chose to turn to more... unorthodox means of survival. In the manner of old Faust, they used ancient rituals to contact beings no mortal should ever encounter. With them they exchanged generations of wealth and prosperity in return for a curse. After this period of good harvest, they would befall ruin never before experienced. Famine, plague, and the destruction of their beloved town. In this misery, they would not die, but wander the fields forevermore. A cold existence frozen between life and death. Even if their feet and legs were to grind to dust from the wandering, they would still drag themselves by their arms and teeth. The only relief from such an existence? Forceful removal of the brain, now infected with disease, from the rest of the body. The mind being the temple of the spirit, only separation from this organ would allow their souls to escape their forms and find peace. What little peace could be found for them, that is.

Which brings me to the subject of you, my dear patient. Surely you realized this story must have basis in reality? I know this because I can see it reflected in what is left of your face. Your symptoms: shortness of breath, skin irritation, and decrease in motor functions leads me to believe you suffer from this curse. You poor creature. A strong human being such as yourself reduced to mindlessness and suffering. How fortunate then, that you ran into me. Not only do I have the experience to recognize this, but also the tools necessary to deal with it. Specifically, a sharp scalpel, my steady hands, and various drilling implements. I can begin the treatment right away; no waiting required on your part.

The first step is to produce a hole in the skull. I must give you my appreciation in performing this step for me, dear patient. But I fear you may have been over enthusiastic to the point of recklessness. While it certainly makes my job easier, it does leave me with less material to work with. No matter. Next I shall remove the infected part of the brain. Ah, in this case the entirety of it must be snipped just above the brain stem. I am predicting this will set you, dear patient, on the road to the fullest recovery you could hope to
achieve. My role here ends, as does yours. Farewell.

The procedure done, my former patient's brain (estimated at about one and a quarter kilograms) is rapidly cooling in my hands. The results? Undetermined. An unexplained and utterly unique illness in a secluded wilderness with a sparse population of considerably diminished mental ability did strike me as rather fitting to my talents. Yet this is clearly a situation that goes beyond normal scientific investigation methods. If this does not get results I need for proper analysis, I'll simply have to become more creative in how I go about my brain
surgery. It should not be too difficult to find new and better ways to perform. After all, it's not rocket science, is it?

[Voting here. 37 in, 1 out, 97.4% in overall.]
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The original game arcs that were transferred to the anime are complete.

However, there exists a special separate ending chapter for Higurashi that only appears in the japanese ps2 game. Fortunately, I own it, and was able to translate enough to give a brief summary. I'll try to keep to what is different.

The Canal Cleaning Chapter. )
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Chapter IX: Matsuribayashi [Festival orchestra]

Read more... )
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Moving into the final chapters. These FAQs get less and less substance. :(

Read more... )
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Almost done with the first season! :D

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Due to spoilers this should never be read by anyone anywhere.
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Same disclaimers, etc. etc. don't read if you haven't finished Higurashi as it will sound crazy and spoil you a hell of a lot.

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Same disclaimers at last time. Only read if you have already finished both seasons at least.

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This post is meant for people who have seen both seasons of the Higurashi anime.

If you have not yet viewed it in its entirety, this post will spoil you entirely.

Don't read it if you have not yet watched the series.

edit: Also note that this is a work in progress and future chapters will be up soon. XD

And under here, there be spoilers. )
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